The Pro-Shooter Rifle Club

Like everything we do at The Country Sports Shop we think outside the box, we do not follow convention and as a result we bring a different approach to all things shooting. Back in 2017 we took a few customers long distance shooting (targets not live) and as you would expect they caught the bug so we decided to form a club based at the shop for customers of our shop to widen their shooting horizons and The Pro-Shooter Rifle Club was born, a club dedicated to precision shooting.


Initially the club was only for customers of our shop that already had a Firearms Certificate and we took them from novice shooters to accomplished shooters through various shooting disciplines including:

  • Centre fire shooting out to 600 yards monthly and 1000 yards when we could

  • Rimfire challenges out to 100 yards including the now infamous 100 yards 1/2″ Paintball Challenge 

  • Mini F Class challenges using .22LR subsonic at 100 yards with scaled F Class targets

  • Extreme Long Range out to 1000 yards on steel targets

  • Extreme Long Range out to 300 yards using .22LR rimfires

New for 2022

Probationary Membership – We have decided to open the club up in 2022 to new shooters that do not yet have a firearm certificate by offering a Probationary Membership allowing new people to get into this fantastic sport. The club will have a new Probation Officer taking care of new members.

Practical & CQB Shooting – up until now the club members have done a bit of CQB (Close Quarter Battle simulation) during our monthly rimfire shoot but new for 2022 will be a dedicated Practical & CQB Rimfire section of the club with a dedicated member of the committee organising shoots for members that are interested in this fast style of shooting.

The club shoots at least four times a month with both evening and weekend shoots using local facilities to accommodate us. One thing we at The Country Sports Shop are very upfront about is that we offer membership of our club based on members using our shop for their shooting supplies, we do not accept members buying their equipment elsewhere. A lot of work goes into organising the Club and to providing opportunities for our customers and members to shoot, something that very few other gun shops bother to do. As a result we expect loyalty to the shop from our members, we do not put a premium on our products and within reason we can get whatever our members may require. We shoot with what we sell and we are happy to get people started on a budget, the least expensive kit used correctly will produce better results that a shooter with all the gear and no idea! 

If this sounds interesting to you pop in and have a chat, call us on 01626 830031 or send an email to membership[@] Our training division Pro-Firearms Training run a Taster Day for people that think that they may want to get into rifle shooting so why not give this a try, or buy it for a gift for someone who may want to give it a try.

.22LR Subsonic Precision Shooting

As we are the best gun shop in South Devon with the best customers we have put together a precision .22lr shooting club based at the shop but using Budleigh Target Shoot club range in Moretonhampstead. The club is exclusively for customers of The Country Sports Shop and is not competition based, it is precision shooting based. There are no league tables, no “who’s the best shot” status just shooters testing their skills (and their rifles) at ridiculously small targets such as matchsticks, playing cards (side on), Know Your Limits challenges and of course our very own 100 yard paintball challenge!

The club will be shooting evenings hopefully twice a month during daylight saving and once per month on a weekend during standard GMT. Basic club rules apply such as the use of breech flags, hearing protection, and following range orders (these will be explained before each shoot whilst on the range) but the emphasis is on having fun and challenging yourself each week and hopefully improving your shooting.

The Pro-Shooter Paintball Challenge is on, you will have five shots to check your dialling or hold overs at 100 yards then ten shots at the .50 cal paintball at 100 yards (yes half MOA with a .22LR). Certificates will be issued to those that shoot it and we will have a Wall of Fame on the Pro-Shooter Precision Rifle Club Facebook page.

.22LR Darts will be on, there will be a dartboard at 30 yards and we will randomly select a number between 50 and 200 and you will have five shots to shoot that number, not closest to no points for that, the exact number and you must use all five shots!

Hostage Shootout will be held at 50 yards, you will score the highest that you dare, the score is only for your own record and then perhaps next time we shoot Hostage Shootout you will aim to shoot a higher score but shoot the hostage and you will lose points! We may run a smaller version at 30 yards if you are all too good.

Know Your Limits will be eight targets from 2″ to 1/4″ at 30 yards scoring points for each target starting at five points doubling for each target you shoot but miss and you automatically score zero. The point of this challenges is knowing when to stop!

The Playing Card Challenge at 30 yards is ten shots to shoot six matchsticks followed by a playing card edge on (yes sideways on)

The Spinner Challenge is hit the spinner at 50 yards to start the challenge then keep it spinning with nine further shots whilst the spinner is moving but it cannot be allowed to fall backwards or the challenge is failed.

Close Quarter Battle there is also a CQB range set up for those looking to try this with their semi-auto .22LR’s and / or .22 long barrel pistols.

Plenty to do guys and we look forward to seeing you at the range.

Long Range Precision Shooting

We have NRA Affiliated club to shoot on a monthly basis at longer ranges, out to 600 yards using non-HME firearms, .22 to .30 cal centre fire and everything in between. We will be using local ranges, one towards Dartmouth and one in Somerset. We have Sundays booked from July to the end of the year with more dates to follow shortly. The club is fully insured, Home Office approved and you must already have a Firearm Certificate in order to join. The club is exclusively for customers of The Country Sports Shop.

We have four NRA qualified RCO’s within the club, six NRSA qualified RCO’s and a wealth of long range shooting experience. the idea behind the Long Range Precision Shooting isn’t so that you can shoot deer over 200 yards away, it is for you to develop as a shooter. Don’t worry that you may not have shot long distance before, we have members of the club that fully understand the principles of long range and are willing to assist people to get on target out to 600 yards and possibly beyond.