Whether you are looking for that perfect scope for your hunting rifle or some binoculars to check out your land we have hunting optics to suit you. We also have you covered if you are slinging lead down range at targets, we know a thing or two about that.

In this fast moving market we like to think that we have the best quality optics for your hard earned pound, why not pop in and discuss your optic requirements.

Hunting Optics

If you are into your rabbit control or deer management the right optic for the job is paramount. We pride ourselves in not only providing the right optic for your needs but also setting it up for you to ensure that your eye relief, vertical and horizontal is 100% true on your crosshairs and we will even put you on paper when you come to zero your new optic.

Lead Slinging

If slinging lead down range is your thing then we can help with this. Is first or second focal plane right for you? Should you be Milrad or MoA? Do you need a 25mm, 30mm or 35mm tube? Which are the best mounts for your application? We have the answers so why not call in a talk to us, we can even mount a scope or two to see if they are right for you.