Facilities at The Country Sports Shop

Gun Storage

We offer a gun storage service here at The Country Sports Shop where you can store your guns with us for either short or long term storage. If you are experiencing delays with renewals, moving house or going away for a while we can store your guns for you in our heated armoury. Guns are cleaned regularly to ensure that they are stored in the condition that they were left.

Our current charges are initially £12 per gun to cover admin and up to four weeks storage then £3 per week per gun thereafter.

Service and Repairs

We are happy to service your shotgun or firearm at The Country Sports Shop and we can also affect repairs that may be required. We work with a qualified gunsmith on repairs that cannot be done efficiently in house therefore there is very little we cannot handle for you.

We do not repair air rifles at The Country Sports Shop.

Firearms Courses

In the past we have run courses for Metalic Cartridge Reloading, Safe Rifle Handling, Smallbore Range Safety Officer and Long Range Shooting. Hopefully as shooting starts to get back to some form of normallity in 2024 we will look at running these courses again. 

Help and Advice

As shooters we are able to offer help and advice on what gun, gauge or calibre might suit you best for the purpose that you intend to use it for. For shotguns we pride ourselves on selling a gun that fits you and that is within your budget. For rifles and air rifles we offer advice on the best calibre, optic, moderator and ammunition. Our advice is always free and unbiased.