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The choice of products out there for the discerning shooter is huge, and the amount of untruth's and fiction published on the Internet about the products is exponentially bigger. All of the staff at The Country Sports Shop are shooters and Martin & Chris are both Deer Stalking Certificate qualified. Martin is on the committee of the South West branch of The British Deer Society and a keen deer stalker where Chris is an A Class shooter on clay pigeons and a keen game shooter to boot. Dave is a retired shotgun coach and Oli is a keen vermin shooter using .22 air rifle and soon .22LR.


The point of the above is not to boast but to explain that as qualified shooters we use and understand the products that we sell and as a modern gun shop we don't always subscribe to the old adage that the more expensive the product is the better is must be. It's not that the traditional brand names have got worse, far from it, some of the so called 'entry level' brands have got considerably better and the pedlars of the traditional brands are finding it much more difficult to come up with reasons why this product is worth up to five times more than the up and coming brands.


The Country Sports Shop was set up and is run by working people that have the same financial commitments and constraints as most working people so we chose products based on the following criteria:

  • Durability - the product must be able to withstand the purpose for which it was made

  • Reliability - the product must work and keep working over the sensible lifetime of the product

  • Affordability - customers must be able to comfortably afford the products that we sell as we want to bring people into shooting, quality shooting without breaking the bank

  • Fit for Purpose - we absolutely do not offer for sale any product that we have tested that does not deliver the service that the product is supposed to give

  • Back-up - the products must have a quality and speedy back-up and support service so that if a product fails we can get the customer shooting again as quickly as possible

  • Value for Money - bring all of the above together and then you the consumer has a product that offers incredible value for money. If a product falls short, we don't sell it.

There are many out there that scoff at brands that we sell which is shameful as these people have never used them. They may be fortunate enough to be able to afford the established brands that offer a quality product but at an inflated price in order to keep there premium brand status. We object very strongly in the shop to people coming in and stating that products that we sell are not very good, again especially as many have not used a product from the brand, they have just read rubbish on the Internet from somebody else that has never used it. We consider ourselves to be professionals in our trade and pride ourselves on selling products that we have tried, tested and approved. You must forgive us if we scoff at advice offered by a shooter that is not a professional or that has never used the product that they are rubbishing.


We all shoot products that we sell in the shop, Martin has rifles from CZ, Howa and Haenel and uses optics from Hawke, Nikko Stirling and Yukon (night vision). Chris uses a Lincoln shotgun and has just put an order in for a Rizzini shotgun and shoots rifles from CZ and Howa. We shoot PPU ammunition as well as loading our own cartridges using Lee Precision and Hornady equipment and Sierra and Hornady bullets with Hodgdon powder and Fiocchi primers. If you wondering about the quality Martin can put a bullet in a 5" target at 1000 yards using his Howa and Hawke combo with Sierra TMK bullets and Varget powder! Chris is an A class clay pigeon shooter in is always one of the top guns on his game shoot.


Why have I written all of this? To confirm that the products that we sell are top quality, best value products available at an affordable price point regardless of what the armchair shooters say!

The Country Sports Shop Ltd. 1 Heywood Estate, Pottery Road, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot, Devon. TQ12 3RS

e-mail Tel 01626 367171  RFD D&C 2081  Company No. 5616410