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Click here to read about Fabarm class beating barrel design


"The perfect solution to producing the best barrels is to use Deep Drilling Technology to drill solid bars of chrome molybdenum steel"


Elos DII Field


The Elos DII Field brings a whole class of refinement into a very affordable price. The receiver is nicely engraved with a contemporary game scene and the barrels are a lighter TRIBORE HP barrel weight for improved balance. The elegant forend and stock shape ensure that this gun not only looks good but is a joy to carry all day if required.


The Elos DII Field uses a forges steel receiver with both the adjustable opening tension and the overpressure 1630 bar proof test. The Elos DII comes with five flush fitting HP (Hyperbolic Profile) 82mm chokes and a 6mm game rib and a high quality oiled finished stock.

Our Price

Only £1395

Syren Sporting


One of the principles at Syren is to carefully listen to what female shooters are asking for. Some have expressed an interest in a shotgun with outstanding performance and aesthetics, proper fit and balance, at a value price point with no compromises. Impossible you say? Enter the Syren Elos Sporting!

The first thing you will notice about the Syren Elos Sporting is the clean lines and understated elegance. The deeply blued receiver features a distinctive floral engraving offset by the contrast gold embellishments like the unique Syren S-wings on the trigger guard. Next you will notice the beautiful Turkish Walnut stock that has been enhanced by a proprietary TRIWOOD™ finish, which adds grain and water resistance, giving the gun a luxurious appeal.

The Syren Elos Sporting has no compromises when it comes to performance features as well. Included are 5 EXIS HP™ hyperbolic choke tubes and the TRIBORE HP™ barrels for the ultimate in ballistic performance. Backed by a five-year warranty and industry leading service, the Syren Elos Sporting is an unbeatable value.

Our Price

Only £1495

Elos N2 Sport


A sporting shotgun with a satin black receiver and minimalist engraving is adorned with two large tone lugs that affirm is sporty and dynamic character. The perfect ergonomic stock includes and adjustable satin black lacquered walnut comb, providing reel shooting comfort and facilitating cheek contact with the shooter. The sporting TRIBORE barrel with a lightened profile has a 10mm tapered to 8mm rib and the RACING trigger group features a light crisp trigger pull with an adjustable trigger position. This shotgun features EXIS HP extended chokes and the shotguns are tested to 1630 Bar, the highest industry standard.

Our Price

Only £1695

Axis RS12 Black Sporting


The Axis RS12 Black Sporting is the whole packing combining balance, durability, barrel performance, value and most importantly low recoil. The Monte-Carlo stock can incorporate a highly adjustable comb and the Q.R.R. version comes with two interchangeable ERGAL 55 top ribs tapered from 10mm to 8mm.


The Axis RS12 is also available in grey and all models come complete with five EXIS HP 97mm external chokes.

Our Price

Only £1695

Axis S&H


The Axis Sport & Hunting (S&H) features a lightly soldered sporting barrel and a specially designed non-adjustable stock that is equally at home with rough shooting as it is with high birds or wildfowling. The guns optimised weight and balance make it fast to get on target yet stable once you are on it with the slim forend providing perfect handling.


The Axis S&H is provided with both the extended EXIS HP chokes as well as the flush fitting HP chokes. This model also comes with two recoil pads for summer and winter shooting. The satin black finish and two tone logo along with elegant engraving the Axis Sport & Hunting is the contrast between tradition and modernity!

Our Price

Only £1695

L4S Black Hunter


Slim and lightweight the L4S is a perfect self loading shotgun. Its rounded shape, its pure design coupled with smooth lines and the forend perfectly integrated into the frame make it incredibly fast on targets. The PULSE PISTON and its perfect balance reduce the muzzle flip like no other shotgun.


The 1630 Bar proof testing ensures that the L4S will withstand the hardest use and experienced hunters will appreciate that this is a great shotgun.

Our Price

Only £849


The TRIBORE barrel is a unique design to improve shot penetration along with felt recoil without the disadvantage of over-bored barrels which can lead to a very poor shot penetration. The innovation that Fabarm came up with was to increase the bore diameter to reduce the friction and by consequence the number of deformed pellets, then decreasing the diameter slowly to increase velocity and reduce felt recoil. It was designed for sporting and trap shooting disciplines where penetration is not the objective, the goal is a better shot distribution to break more clays. With the traditional over-bored barrels the gas is compressed in a higher volume (the bore diameter is increased from 18,40 to 18,85 mm), so less pressure and lower pellets speed and by consequence a reduced shot distribution.

The TRIBORE barrel was developed 15 years ago by Fabarm in reaction to over-bored barrels and were very successful in Sporting and Trap. The TRIBORE is the application of the Venturi principle which states that reducing the diameter of a tube with gas in motion inside the speed of this gas will automatically be increased. For example, when washing your car with a hosepipe, if you press the hose between the thumb and index finger and the pressure of the water increases. It’s the same logic with the TRIBORE barrel. The long conical section (205 mm) which slowly reduces the bore from 18,70 to 18,40 mm will automatically increase the pellets speed, and so by consequence the penetration. No other barrel has the same performance!

The Fabarm TRIBORE HP Barrels are:

1. An over-bored area to reduce frictions and recoil (diameter 18,70 mm)

2. A long conical area (205 mm) which reduce the bore diameter and which increase the pellets speed

3. New and revolutionary choke tubes with a HYPERBOLIC PROFILE

Deep Drilling Technology

This stress on these barrels with this unique design is so high that a few manufacturers have tried to cryogenically freeze their barrels in order to try and reduce stress, but the results are limited and used more for "marketing" than performance! The perfect solution to producing the best barrels is to use Deep Drilling Technology to drill solid bars of chrome molybdenum steel in order to manufacture the barrels. Because this technology is expensive, other manufacturers are using it only on their high grade custom shotguns, however in order to provide the best barrels to our customers Fabarm only uses the Deep Drilling Technology to manufacture the barrels on all of their shotguns, nowhere else can you buy such quality at affordable prices!

The Only Barrels That Are Proofed To 1630 BAR

To be able to use chokes as tight as Full with steel shot is a huge benefit and other manufacturers barrels should not be used with steel shot on tighter than Half choke. Also Full chokes in other manufacturers barrels have a distribution of 76% in the target whilst the TRIBORE HP with XTREME 0.9 choke tube has a distribution of 89 % in the target! With FABARM XTREME 0.9 choke tube, there are 40 POINTS OF IMPACTS MORE in the target which equates to 15% more points of impacts. These results are obtained not only because of the revolutionary choke tubes, but also because of the TRIBORE® barrel (patented).


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