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Mounting Your Optic


One of the services offered by The Country Sports Shop is mounting your rifle scope for you, we offer this service FREE OF CHARGE if the scope and / or rifle is purchased from us.

When mounting a scope we use the Wheeler Torque Driver to ensure that the correct torque is used when mounting your scope, there is less pressure required to hold your scope in place than most shooters use and you can damage your optic through over-tightening. Many manufacturers do not cover this type of damage in their warranties so it is probably best to let us mount your optic for you (or of course to purchase a Wheeler Torque Driver from us).

We also use a variety of methods to ensure that your optic is mounted level to your rifle, if it out by even a few degrees you will find it very difficult to zero your scope to your rifle and also to dial effectively for any long range shooting. If you dial your crosshair horizontally and it moves vertically at the same time you will be chasing your zero for many a happy hour and come to the conclusion than you new pride and joy is faulty. You would be surprised at how many optics we see at odds to the rifle!

We then use a collimator to roughly zero your optic so that when you go to the range or your chosen strip of land to fine tune your rifle and get the perfect zero you are not wasting shots and time trying to find the paper.

All part of the service provided by The Country Sports Shop.


The Kit We Use Ensuring Your Scope Is Level Using The Correct Torque Double Checking The Scope Using The Collimator

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