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Z-Aim Pro-Stalker

Multi Point Rifle Sling

Z-Aim Pro-Stalker Multi Point Rifle Sling

Z-aim Pro Stalker sets a new standard in how a rifle sling should be constructed. The innovative design gives the user a number of benefits, compared to traditional single or double gun slings. Developed in Sweden, its the only rifle sling on the market which has effectively solved the problem of how to comfortably and securely carry a rifle together with a backpack.

Our Price

Only 35.95


Butler Creek Easy Rider

Non-slip surface to keep your gun on your shoulder. Fits 1 swivels. Deluxe shock absorption. Rubberised sharkskin pattern. Adjustable to 48 long

Our Price

Only 19.95


Butler Creek Rhino Rib

Neoprene padded shoulder strap
  • Non slip
  • Fitted with Quick-release lock tight swivels

Our Price

Only 29.95


 Sling With Swivels

The NEW sling comes fitted with 1 swivels. The sling is weather proof and quickly adapts to either a rifle or shotgun.

  • Non slip
  • Fitted with Quick-release lock tight swivels

Our Price

Only 24.95

Sling Swivels

These great fast link swivels are designed to fit straight onto the swivel studs and offer easy fitting and removal.

Our Price

Only 8.95