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Air Gun Target


50 card air gun targets 14x14cm. These targets provide a great way to practise your shooting skills in the back garden or even in a field to check the zero of your rifle.

Our Price

Only £3.95


Air Gun Target Holder

A fantastic holder for your 14x14cm targets so you can shoot with ease as you don't have to worry about where the pellet goes after you've shot the target, this holder is strong enough the stop your pellets from going through time and time again. Comes with some card targets.
  • Strong construction
  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Square shaped with deflect angle back to collect pellets safely and avoid ricochets
  • Wall mountable or free standing
  • Paper target slot in front

Our Price

Only £11.50


Spot Shot Targets

Make target practice more interesting with Shoot-N-C targets. Stick them to anything to add that extra element of fun - coke cans, tins or other targets. Shoot-N-C targets are also ideal for the range as each shot instantly explodes in colour. You wont need spotting scopes or binoculars to see where you hit these! Each target includes black plaster stickers, which means that the same target can be used again and again!
  • ~ Each hit on the target explodes in colour
  • ~ Self adhesive targets with an endless number of uses
  • ~ Spend more time shooting, less time checking targets for hits
  • ~ Suitable for all calibres
  • ~ Re-usable, supplied with black plasters to stick over holes and use again!

Our Price

Only £6.95



Exploding Targets!


Packs of ten exploding Targets available in:
  • Air Flash Quiet

  • Air Flash Firebird

  • Sniperfire for Rifle

  • Shooting Star for Clays

Our Price

Only £10.95

 (In shop purchase only)


Spinner Target

  • Heavy metal construction
  • Suitable for all power air rifles in any calibre
  • Fun as well as field target practicing

Our Price

Only £12.95


Plinker Target

  • Heavy metal construction
  • Suitable for all power air rifles in any calibre
  • Five resetting targets
  • Fun as well as field target practicing

Our Price

Only £12.95


Safety Flags

A must for most ranges is the safety flag to show that your rifle is clear of ammunition in the barrel. Available in rimfire and centre fire variants.

Our Price

Only £2.95 each



MagnetoSpeed V3

The V3 is MagnetoSpeedís top of the line barrel mounted ballistic chronograph. Our kit comes with everything you need to easily obtain accurate muzzle velocity readings on almost any weapon. You will find the MagnetoSpeed V3 as the go to chronograph for precisions shooters, reloaders, and military units worldwide.

Our Price

Only £399.95


Beartooth Comb

Adjustment Kit 2.0

Gain proper eye alignment for high-powered scopes. No more expensive or permanent gun smithing, just slide on neoprene cover & insert the correct sized foam. The rubber backed fabric grips to wood or synthetic stocks and the stretchy neoprene fits a large range of stock shapes & sizes. Reduces felt recoil as well as your sight picture whilst improving shooting comfort & accuracy. Built-in swivel stud access-5 sizes of inserts for increased versatility, holds six rifle cartridges

Our Price

Only £29.95


Beartooth Recoil Pad Kit 2.0

Greatly improve your shooting, comfort and accuracy with this heavy duty neoprene stock extender that easily slips over an existing recoil pad without the need for gunsmithing or drilling. This system reduces recoil by up to 40% and the rubber backed fabric grips to wood or synthetic stocks. Four sizes of inserts for increased versatility and angled opening for easy swivel stud access.

Our Price

Only £19.95


Bag Combo



Ideal for resting your rifle or air rifle on whilst testing zero and checking loads. These bags are self fill and made to BSA quality

Our Price

Only £9.95


Caldwell DeadShot Bags

Every shooter is looking for a versatile and steady shooting system that can be set up almost anywhere and at any time. Whether you have minutes or seconds to set up for you next shot, the DeadShot Shooting Bag Combo is the answer. These inexpensive and functional bags continue to set the industry standard for quality and functional shooting bags.

Our Price

Only £39.95


MTM Front Rifle Rest

MTM Quick Rest is a lightweight, simply designed front rifle rest. Ideal for checking your rifle at hunting camp or at the range. The rest is non-adjustable and is hollow in design, making it extremely lightweight and easy to carry.

Our Price

Only £12.95


MTM Adjustable Front Rifle Rest

MTM Front Rifle Rest - Looking for an affordable, "all-around" Front Rifle Rest? You just found it! The versatile, MTM Front Rifle Rest offers excellent, rock-solid stability at a price any shooter can afford. This three legged rest not only accommodates nearly any shape gun stock but handgun enthusiasts will find it just as accurate.

 Our Price

Only £34.95


MTM K-Zone Rest

The MTM Predator Shooting Rest, with its exclusive solid four-legged stance, provides the stable, rock-solid gun rest that shooters demand of expensive heavy metal rifle rests, only at a fraction of the weight. Lightweight and fully adjustable. The PSR's butt stock support not only levels the rest to uneven surfaces but also adjusts to fit any size long gun.

A precision dialed height adjuster allows the shooter to zero in for pinpoint accuracy.

Our Price

Only £54.95


Folding Shooting Table

This excellent shoot table provides a stable platform for shooters to shoot from and is collapsible for easy transportation. Constructed from alloy the frame is rigid and durable without being heavy and can be used for right and left handed shooters.

Our Price

Only £74.95


Hawke Spotting Scope

This is an ideal accessory for the longer range target shooter with a zoom range of 20-60x zoom and a 60mm objective lens to let a large amount of light in. This incredibly clear spotting scope will be comfortable out to 400m.

Our Price

Only £149.95