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Purchasing Guns and Ammunition


Any person under the age of 18 years of age may not purchase or own guns or ammunition.  Persons aged between 14 and 18 years may not purchase guns or ammunition but may borrow or have them purchased on their behalf by someone over 18 years of age. Persons over the age of 18 years may purchase guns and ammunition, the guns having a power less than the UK legal limit. Guns over that limit require a fire arms certificate to be granted before they can be owned. Guns and weapons must be sold in a face to face transaction.


Airguns and Young Persons


Any one under the age of 14 can only use an airgun whilst under the direct supervision and control of someone over 21, whilst on private property with the permission of the owner of the premises. A person aged between 14 and 18 can use an airgun on private property where they have a right to be, without supervision. They may carry an unloaded rifle (but not a pistol) in a public place only if it is in a securely fastened gun cover so that it cannot be fired, an under 14 year old must again be directly supervised by an over 21 year old. A pistol can only be carried by someone over 18, again it must be unloaded and in a securely fastened case. Airguns and pellets must be sold in a face to face transaction.


Public Places and Highways


You may never have an airgun in a public place without proper reason for doing so. If you are travelling to and from a place where you have the right to shoot, the gun must be in a case as above. A gun is loaded if there is a pellet or any form of projectile in it, including an "air weapon which has a loaded magazine, is loaded even though there is no round in the breach".  It is an offence to fire an airgun within 50 feet of the centre of a public highway, if by doing so you cause any member of the public using that highway to be injured, interrupted or endangered. This applies even if you are on private property adjacent the highway. Public highways include roads, bridleways and public footpaths. If you go on to any land, including over water and in buildings, without permission you are Trespassing. If you have an Airgun with you it is classed as Armed Trespass which is a serious Criminal offence even if the gun is not loaded.


Airgun Quarry


The following pests are considered suitable for controlling using a sub-12 ft-lb Airgun:

Brown Rat, Grey Squirrel, Rabbit, Crow, Rook, Magpie, Jay, Wood Pigeon, Collared Dove, Feral Pigeon, House Mouse, and recently Mink have been added to the list. These are not always considered pests and only Authorised Persons can shoot them in all circumstances. Please check with your local authority before shooting any live quarry.


Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981


All bird and animals are protected by law. Certain species are classified as pests or vermin and only these species can be legitimately shot and then only by authorised persons. An Authorised Person is someone who has the proper permission from the land owner to control pests on that land. 


UK Legal Limit


To calculate the power of an airgun you need to use a chronograph to measure the speed of the pellet (in feet per second) when fired, and you need to know the weight of the pellet in grains. Once you have that information you perform the following calculation: - speed (ft/sec) X speed (ft/sec) X weight (grains) - 450240, this gives you the result in foot pounds force (ft-lb).  As mentioned the legal maximum for an unlicensed air rifle is 12 ft-lb which from changing round the above formula, gives the approximate values as follows:- 

A .22 pellet weighing 14.4 grains, maximum permissible speed is 612 ft/sec
A .177 pellet weighing 7.9 grains, maximum permissible speed is 826 ft/sec
The corresponding figures for a pistol are 433 ft/sec for a .22 and 584 ft/sec for a .177 

The pellet weights used in the above calculation are typical weights for the sizes of pellet but you must always check the actual weight of your pellet before performing your own calculation.


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